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I’ like to introduce the how-to-play and tips of each Think!Think!(Hanamaru lab.) game in this blog.


This post is for OrangeOthello.

We can play this in the Standard Plan.


Description / How-to-play

The rule of this game is, so to speak, Othello.

The color is different from original Othello(black & white), but we will flip the purple stone all over with the orange stone.


Just for very beginner of Othello, the purple stones sandwiched between 2 orange stones will change to orange in all.


In this OrangeOthello, the number of stones usable is displayed on the right side of the screen.

Let’s change all purple stones on the screen to orange in a limited number of steps.


オレンジリバーシってオセロみたいThe first quiz. Let’s play the game checking the rules.オレンジリバーシ簡単Tap to place an orange stone and sandwich a purple stone! オレンジリバーシ基本Basic technique of Othello. You can turn over 4 stones with 1 stone.


The last image shows the typical pattern we can see in original Othello.


If you make a mistake in the operation, let’s try again from the beginning with the back button on the upper right.


Tips & Points

As the level goes up, it will be more difficult as more (orange & purple) stones are placed and more (orange) stones can be used.


オレンジリバーシ基本その2This is also a basic technique of Othello.
オレンジリバーシ2つでWe can use 2 orange stones.
オレンジリバーシ5x5With 2 stones. To think is fun!


The tips for small children is to master the rules firmly.

(What is “to sandwich”? etc.)


What is different from ordinary Othello is that you can use multiple stones and turn over purple stones all.


The point is to predict what kind of placement pattern will be after the first step.

And, to find out where you can turn more stones looking at vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.


It is important to practice a lot in the Think!Think!.

Of course, enjoying the actual Othello with your family is also effective.



  • Comprehend the rule of original Othello
  • Check the stone available first.
  • Predict the pattern after the first step


And find your own tips playing this game!



In order to train the brain, enjoying Othello may be important.

But Othello is a bit complicated for young children.


This game OrangeOthello contains basic elements to get used to Othello.


Also, playing with limited steps can also be fun different from the original Othello.


That’s all.

It was an introduction of OrangeOthello.


You can download Think!Think! App from here!


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